Meaning of disappearing act in English:

disappearing act


  • An instance of someone being impossible to find, especially when they are required to face something unpleasant.

    • ‘I don't want you doing a disappearing act on me’
    • ‘He is rarely seen around Labour's new campaign headquarters - and last week, when the government's credibility was again in question, Brown pulled off another one of his disappearing acts, leaving his Cabinet colleagues to fight it out.’
    • ‘After the high-profile withdrawals of Colin Montgomerie, Stephen Gallacher and David Howell, all injured, the last thing this rather beleaguered event needed was more disappearing acts.’
    • ‘Nobody is questioning he is a quality player, but he has done a couple of disappearing acts in the past.’
    • ‘And let's not even get into the allegations of wife-beating, the disappearing acts and the gambling sprees that have left him, more than once, on the precipice of bankruptcy.’
    • ‘But legal verdicts on some of the other disappearing acts must be regarded as unsafe.’
    • ‘Court Judge Abraham Clott issued the warrant after calling the actress' case three times before being informed of her disappearing act..’
    • ‘Tanner still hasn't got together with Tamara and Anne, who live a few miles from him but remain wounded by his disappearing act and the welter of excuses he gave.’
    • ‘Police are trying to trace the wife of a professional clown after she did a disappearing act and ran away from a travelling circus in County Durham.’
    • ‘The cat with a wandering spirit had been missing for nearly two weeks - longer than his previous disappearing act.’
    • ‘The story goes that he pinned the officer up against the wall while his athletes performed a hasty disappearing act.’
    • ‘I gave in to the compulsion to do a disappearing act at the end of the night.’
    • ‘Understandably, his disappearing act created a stir and there you feared for the old man.’
    • ‘And there are yet more disappearing acts after payday.’
    • ‘Frequent disappearing acts could be signs your mate has diverted his or her attention to someone else, experts say.’
    • ‘You're not alone - lots of kids have parents who seem to pull disappearing acts.’
    • ‘She's around when things are peachy, but when you're upset or frustrated because you have to deal with some muck in your life, like a family crisis, she pulls a disappearing act.’
    • ‘We both laugh when the cats pull their disappearing act and I answer the question ‘Where are they?’’
    • ‘Back home, my wallet had done a disappearing act.’
    • ‘A lesser man might just pull a disappearing act, but not Mike Brown.’
    • ‘I got to recognize his legs from afar because if he ever saw me coming, he would do a quick disappearing act back into the crowd.’