Meaning of disastrously in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈzɑːstrəsli/

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  • 1In a way that causes great damage.

    ‘the economy has been disastrously mismanaged’
    • ‘The unsuccessful campaign ended disastrously with the death of five-sixths of the colonial soldiery.’
    • ‘Now fox populations have dropped disastrously.’
    • ‘The anorexia sufferer is more likely to become disastrously underweight, while the bulimic will vary between the extremes of "normal".’
    • ‘Expeditions which are decided upon and organised with insufficient care generally end disastrously.’
    • ‘One of the helicopters disastrously crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in 1994.’
    • ‘At the Battle of Courtrai in 1302, the French army was disastrously defeated by Flemish burghers.’
    • ‘The disastrously negative effects on investors ' morale cannot be denied.’
    • ‘There is nervousness in military circles that such a war could backfire disastrously.’
    • ‘Having seen many of her students become disastrously addicted to drugs, she determined to kill the drug trafficker.’
    • ‘It is undeniable that the aftermath of the remarkable military victory has been disastrously handled.’
    1. 1.1In an extremely unsuccessful way.
      ‘the party fared disastrously in by-elections’
      • ‘the mission went disastrously wrong’
      • ‘Even when a company is right about the technology, it's all too easy for it to be disastrously early for the market.’
      • ‘He says the coach made some terrible errors and described the Lions as having done "disastrously badly" in New Zealand.’
      • ‘They each share one trait in common: they are all ceaselessly, painfully, disastrously unfunny.’
      • ‘Wells was married twice: firstly, and disastrously, in 1891 to his cousin, Isabel.’
      • ‘The whole saga is starting to look disastrously dated.’
      • ‘Parsons, a good actress who has disastrously taken up directing in recent years, directed the whole silly adventure.’
      • ‘It is now 12 years since our rail system was disastrously privatised and allowed to run down.’
      • ‘During his mayorship, he demonstrated great administrative ability but a disastrously ill-tuned political antenna.’
      • ‘As Mr. Taranto points out, a closer examination of the facts might have prevented Mr. Buchanan from being so disastrously mistaken.’
      • ‘No doubt the Labor Party will be spending a lot of time, money and energy analysing how it so disastrously lost the election.’