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disc brake


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  • A type of vehicle brake employing the friction of pads against a disc which is attached to the wheel.

    ‘In addition, the plant produces corner modules, disc brake calipers, drum brakes and wheel cylinders.’
    • ‘This has in turn brought about an increase in wheel size, to get the larger disc brake and its calliper inside the wheel rim.’
    • ‘The hydraulic disc brake features a one-piece forged caliper, an opposed two-piston design and a center lock system.’
    • ‘The ordinary type of brake liners all round is being overcome by the latest disc brake all round though it may also have its short comings.’
    • ‘‘Controlled friction ‘is generated by a graduated disk brake mechanism.’’
    • ‘A disc brake is installed forward of the transfer gearbox and is protected inside the vehicle body.’
    • ‘If you think of a disc brake setup, you know that the front brake caliper is above and behind the front dropout.’
    • ‘I have tied and soldered my own disc-brake mountain bike wheels for years now, and I notice a difference not only in lateral stiffness but especially in application of the disc brake.’
    • ‘With it's giant tires and the disc brake up front it should prove to be ideal for the West Virginia terrain.’
    • ‘After a bad crash I bent my rear disc brake rotor.’
    • ‘The pad spring is carried by the disc brake assembly and is disposed between the anchor bracket and at least one end of one of the pair of friction pads.’
    • ‘In the back the skates have a disc brake system that reduces your speed when you put your weight on your heels and lean slightly to the rear.’
    • ‘Are there any disc brake adapters available for forks to convert a V-brake fork to a disc brake fork?’
    • ‘In the rear you will find a disc; but this new hydraulic disc brake is mounted on the rear prop shaft, up out of the way.’
    • ‘The fork comes with disc brake mounts if a person would ever be interested in upgrading.’
    • ‘Cracks were found in 300 out of 1,440 disc brake rotors.’
    • ‘There are two basic disc brake pad designs, non-shimmed and shimmed pads.’
    • ‘A brake disk for disk brakes, in particular of land vehicles, has a friction ring received by a support section, formed, for example, by a portion of a wheel hub.’
    • ‘The wheels are fitted with dual circuit hydraulically operated disc brakes and anti-skid braking.’
    • ‘All variants come with disc brakes for the rear wheels and ventilated disc brakes for the front wheels.’