Meaning of disc floret in English:

disc floret


  • (in a composite flower head of the daisy family) any of a number of small tubular and usually fertile florets that form the disc. In rayless plants such as the tansy the flower head is composed entirely of disc florets.

    Compare with ray floret

    ‘Heads on discoid plants have an extra whorl of disc florets instead of ray florets.’
    • ‘Ray florets typically are quite showy whereas disk florets are smaller and, oft-times, inconspicuous.’
    • ‘The stamens/style column of each disc floret is particularly long, about 5mm above the floret petals.’
    • ‘Each tiny disk floret produces copious amounts of nectar and that's why gardeners love them.’
    • ‘In some species, the head is entirely composed of disk florets, and is known as a discoid head.’