Meaning of discernibly in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈsəːnɪbli/

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(also discernably)

See discernible

‘Having said that, it is true that you can find tights for most requirements, and their quality has improved discernibly.’
  • ‘The third element is the element of dissatisfaction which, although discernibly separate, is really running together, in our submission, in tandem with the concept of a person being affected.’
  • ‘This silence, discernibly due to information poverty, points to the urgency for an informed and sustained debate about the issue of genetically manipulating food products.’
  • ‘While his text presents scenes in the North, the South, the city, and the country, these spaces are not presented as discernibly different.’
  • ‘However, later cases take a discernibly different approach.’