Meaning of discharge lamp in English:

discharge lamp


  • A lamp in which the light is produced by a discharge tube.

    ‘Scientists perform a series of calculations to transform X-ray intensity data into an image of the spatial distribution of mercury atoms in a high-intensity discharge lamp.’
    • ‘The companies paired up to develop the discharge lamp, otherwise known as ‘the bulb,’ which uses a mercury substitute and a modified tube design that the companies say lasts as long and puts out as much light as a current mercury lamp.’
    • ‘Daylight-supporting illumination is provided by a higher color-temperature slim-line discharge lamp enclosed in white glass.’
    • ‘The light source of plate-burners is usually a mercury vapor or metal halide discharge lamp, but some units may be equipped with carbon-arc or pulsed-xenon lamps.’
    • ‘A gentle start electronic ballast operates one or more gas discharge lamps in a dimming or non-dimming mode.’