Meaning of disco music in English:

disco music


mass noun
  • Pop music intended mainly for dancing to at discos, typically soul-influenced and melodic with a regular bass beat and popular particularly in the late 1970s.

    • ‘As the show, like the film, was created to promote disco music and dancing, the greater part of the evening is taken up by dance.’
    • ‘Most of the film shows elderly couples dancing to disco music in an outdoor dance hall.’
    • ‘All we needed was some disco music and a cocktail and it'd have been a regular sea tea.’
    • ‘There will be live music and disco music from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.’
    • ‘Rock lost it's way a bit in the 70s with the rising popularity of disco music.’
    • ‘And the festival culminates with a night of disco music at the town hall.’
    • ‘Brian said: ‘Some people have accused us of being too serious and said we need to listen to disco music and lighten up.’’
    • ‘But it is important for you to realise that gay people aren't all the same, they're not all clones who listen to disco music and do interior design.’
    • ‘A DJ played 60s disco music during the evening with dancing after the meal.’
    • ‘In their latest show, the ‘girls’ pay tribute to the music of the 80s when disco music was all the rage.’
    • ‘The handful of spectators and a couple of journalists were ‘entertained’ with disco music while tardy officials snail paced their way in getting matches going.’
    • ‘My doctor's office plays classic disco music, it's awesome.’
    • ‘‘This is not a movie,’ promised the announcer, who provided commentary and pounding disco music during the show.’
    • ‘The disco music was great and I agree, what a tearjerker!’
    • ‘When we started our record label, disco music was selling.’
    • ‘Everyone enjoyed the supper and then the floor was cleared for dancing to some disco music from the 60s.’
    • ‘Her English was broken and hard to understand especially with loud blaring disco music almost drowning her out.’
    • ‘Younger listeners will be catered for by over five hours of pop, rock and disco music each weekday night and by weekend programming.’
    • ‘There was a party atmosphere with entertainers, clowns and disco music.’
    • ‘Pulsing disco music emanated from a DJ station in the middle as skaters whirled by.’