Meaning of discography in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈskɒɡrəfi/

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nounplural noun discographies

  • 1A descriptive catalogue of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer.

    ‘the factual reliability is commendable—he clearly had a good discography to hand’
    • ‘These expanded capabilities can capture all of the credits that are typically printed in the liner notes of an audio CD, as well as data found in comprehensive musical biographies or discographies.’
    • ‘Appendices contain a discography and details of concert halls around the world.’
    • ‘The crucial distinction between a discography and a library or manufacturer's catalogue is the critical selection and organization of its information for a distinct purpose.’
    • ‘It's also a big site, with artist biographies, discographies, tour details, full catalogue details with cover art and sound clips and an online radio show.’
    • ‘You can read more at the link below, including a catalogue of works, a discography and a library of programme notes.’
    • ‘His Tchaikovsky discography runs several pages, from the last four symphonies to items like ‘Hamlet’.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, this is not a major addition to the Bruckner discography, but it is a major addition to the Boulez discography.’
    • ‘I also found solace and beauty in the ethereally light Divertimento in B flat, a work which was not previously available in the Toscanini discography.’
    • ‘It is a nice but not critical addition to the Khachaturian discography.’
    • ‘He has performed throughout the United States and Europe, his discography ranging from Bach on historical organs to 20th century fare.’
    • ‘In addition, the book includes a complete list of works, a discography and a bibliography.’
    • ‘Checking the discography, however, I don't find them in our collection.’
    • ‘He has bequeathed to the world a rich discography of 10 full opera recordings, a Verdi ‘Requiem’, and many fine recital discs.’
    • ‘I wanted to put an index and a discography in the hardback edition of the book.’
    • ‘The concluding portion of this article provides a lengthy discography that presents recordings that focus on tearful situations and crying themes over the past six decades.’
    • ‘There is also a text biography and a complete discography included to complete the bonus features.’
    • ‘There are discographies, band biographies, a photo gallery, hidden studio tracks, and DVD-ROM links.’
    • ‘Theirs is quickly becoming one of the most daunting discographies in contemporary music.’
    • ‘I am very happy with his interpretations, and the disc is a welcome addition to the very extensive Scarlatti discography.’
    • ‘The book also has a selected list of composers, selected bibliography, discography and an index.’
    1. 1.1All of a performer's or composer's recordings considered as a body of work.
      ‘his discography is overwhelmingly classical’
      • ‘This pairing of the two violin sonatas is also extremely important for the composer's discography and also includes a number of short rare pieces that add to the enticement of the disc as a whole.’
      • ‘Essentially, this recording adds little to the Schumann discography, and other reviews I have read seem to be of like opinion.’
      • ‘The Wonder edition includes an informative biography and a discography of his recordings.’
      • ‘His discography has included Scriabin, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Milhaud, and Rodrigo.’
    2. 1.2mass noun The study of musical recordings and compilation of descriptive catalogues.
      • ‘jazz fans direct their intellectual energy to discography’


1930s from disc+ -graphy, on the pattern of biography.