Significado de discoloured en en Inglés


(EEUU discolored)

Pronunciación /dɪsˈkʌləd/

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  • Changed in colour in a way that is less attractive.

    ‘her beauty was marred by discoloured teeth’
    • ‘Abu-Jamal is suffering from a swollen, discolored ankle.’
    • ‘You'll notice several large branches or the top half of the tree with discolored needles.’
    • ‘The characteristic symptom of Sudden Oak Death is sap bleeding from discolored bark.’
    • ‘In the middle of the room was a small fire with several discolored flasks gingerly stuffed in the coals.’
    • ‘Their gushing tears felt like excruciating acid rolling down their dry, discolored, paper cheeks.’
    • ‘The treatment might need to be refreshed each year, or more often for severely discolored teeth.’
    • ‘Customers are kindly asked not to bring up the horrific accident which left Mike with discolored white scar tissue around his eyes.’
    • ‘Professional jewelry cleaners are a good option for seriously discolored or damaged jewelry.’
    • ‘Both of us have had to figure out what to do with discolored redwood in fences or decks.’
    • ‘In some cases the entire seed may be discolored.’
    • ‘Affected stalks often have pink to reddish discolored internal tissues.’
    • ‘Leaves appear immediately discolored, turning a dull green.’
    • ‘Some crystals are discolored yellow or red by iron oxide inclusions.’
    • ‘The amniotic fluid may be discolored by blood from a previous amniocentesis, excess vernix, or meconium.’
    • ‘Watch out for discolored card readers next to the machine.’
    • ‘The discolored fluid prevents a clear view of the inside of the amniotic cavity.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that the objects are not rotten or smelly or discolored.’
    • ‘In addition, take note of any switchplates that are discolored.’
    • ‘At that time, the water was also discolored.’
    • ‘He is now taking away discolored layers of varnish that have coated the painting for well over a century.’