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Pronunciation /dɪskəˈnɛkt/

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[with object]
  • 1Break the connection of or between.

    ‘if the axle unit is partially disconnected from the body, the car should not be driven’
    • ‘For a comedian, her intensity is almost humourless, like she's partially disconnected, operating on a slightly different plane.’
    • ‘In addition, fire hoses in the residence hall were disconnected and partially dismantled because the equipment was outdated.’
    • ‘The people who are involved in this operation are under investigation by council officials and will be required to disconnect their illegal connections or face prosecution.’
    • ‘I would like a novel to be just that, a random collection of seemingly disconnected events because that is what my life is.’
    • ‘It's us isolating ourselves together, disconnecting ourselves from everything going on around us in order to make this art.’
    • ‘Tube fittings connections may be disconnected and remade repeatedly, without loss of leaktight seal.’
    • ‘It seemed that she was disconnected from her body.’
    • ‘I knew I should move, but it was as if my brain had been disconnected from my body; it could shout all it wanted, but my legs weren't going anywhere.’
    • ‘My mind was completely disconnected from what my body was doing.’
    • ‘Her brain sent panicked messages to her feet, but it was as though she were disconnected from her body.’
    • ‘The body is never disconnected from the mind, and in that fact, she finds her drama.’
    • ‘Without interaction, the parts or units are disconnected and free-standing.’
    • ‘Nothing got rid of the feeling that his arms were disconnected from his body.’
    • ‘Fragmented worldview disconnects us from nature’
    • ‘Some professional settings can promote isolation, disconnecting clients from their natural support networks.’
    • ‘Loneliness is a painful emotional feeling of being disconnected, cut-off or isolated from the rest of our world.’
    • ‘Now I was the granddaughter of tailors capable of weaving tales, of tying threads together and connecting them and even disconnecting them.’
    • ‘Always make sure you isolate and tag a motor before you disconnect it.’
    • ‘However, hydraulically driven attachments, such as augers, still require you to connect and disconnect hydraulic lines by hand.’
    • ‘Rites of passage, which disconnect ritual moments from the normal flow of life, break the passage of time, representing it as a constant replay of opposed movements.’
    detach, disengage, uncouple, decouple, unhook, unhitch, unlink, unclick, undo, unfasten, unyoke, disarticulate
    separate, cut off, divorce, sever, isolate, divide, part, disengage, delink, dissociate, remove
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    1. 1.1Put (an electrical device) out of action by detaching it from a power supply.
      ‘he disconnected the main power cables from the batteries’
      • ‘If your aircraft is intact after an event, and you need the data from the device, remove or disconnect the power plugs before applying any electrical power to the aircraft.’
      • ‘The occupant was evacuated while electrical engineers disconnected the power, allowing the firefighters to enter.’
      • ‘The circulating nurse covers the patient with warm blankets and works with the anesthesia care provider to disconnect the monitoring devices.’
      • ‘Turn off and disconnect the power cord during an electrical storm.’
      • ‘Turn off or disconnect appliances or electronics you were using when the power went out.’
      • ‘However, he said he believed the power supply had been disconnected when the alarms started to beep - a warning that the batteries needed to be replaced.’
      • ‘The sequential compression devices are disconnected, and the patient's vital signs are assessed.’
      • ‘Before you begin be sure the lamp is disconnected from the wall plug.’
      • ‘Shocked to hear this piece of information, she rushed home, examined her computer, disconnected the web camera and lodged a complaint with the police.’
      • ‘I read that I had to disconnect the monitor when I switched the computer on, for it to work.’
      • ‘As he continued his remarks, a few individuals rushed the stage and twice disconnected his microphone, forcing him to halt the speech.’
      • ‘Father and son disconnected the old stove then lugged it outdoors.’
      • ‘She disconnected her computer and played games for a bit before finally going to sleep.’
      • ‘Always disconnect the appliance before cleaning.’
      • ‘I made a mental note to disconnect the machine next time he called.’
      • ‘I wake to find Gwen has unplugged all the phones and disconnected the doorbell so I'm not disturbed.’
      • ‘Ricky and Fred are addicted to TV, so the lonely ladies of the house decide to teach them a lesson and disconnect the antenna.’
      • ‘I was still concerned enough to get up and disconnect my answering machine and computer, as I know people who have had their phone lines struck by lightning.’
      • ‘The problem has been attributed to temporary traffic lights being set up in the area when the nearby permanent traffic lights were not disconnected and synchronised.’
      deactivate, shut off, turn off, switch off, unplug, de-energize, detach from a power supply
      cut off, stop
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    2. 1.2Interrupt or terminate (a phone conversation) by breaking the connection.
      ‘I phoned them in Edinburgh but we got disconnected’
      • ‘The mystery caller abruptly disconnected their conversation.’
      • ‘With a click, Haley disconnected herself from the conversation.’
      • ‘Ford disconnected the telephone line and reactivated the radio link.’
      • ‘This meant all telephone lines in the area were immediately disconnected.’
      • ‘Family and friends ringing in were charged to listen to a lengthy message only to find that calls were disconnected before being put through to the patient.’
      terminate, stop, discontinue, break off
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    3. 1.3Terminate the connection of (a household) to water, electricity, gas, or phone, typically because of non-payment of bills.
      ‘if customers agree a payment plan, they will not be disconnected’
      • ‘In 1994 12, 500 households were disconnected from water supplies because they couldn't pay.’
      • ‘Hundreds of thousands of customers have been disconnected for non-payment of bills, something that was illegal before privatisation.’
      • ‘The corporatisation of basic services has meant that millions have been disconnected from water and electricity.’
      • ‘Half the time our electricity was disconnected and running water a luxury.’
      • ‘Today the club's electricity has been disconnected because of non-payment.’
      • ‘The one million households who are disconnected from their fixed telephone line must pay up to £75 to get reconnected.’
      • ‘In another case, Patsy and her large family were disconnected without notice for $400 in arrears.’
      • ‘Last week the strikers disconnected the electricity and water supplies to the company's premises, causing the temporary closure of its headquarters.’
      • ‘The water was disconnected, and yesterday it was reconnected after guarantee of payment.’
      • ‘The new law in the UK takes away water companies' powers to disconnect water supply for non-payment, or to limit the supply with the intention of enforcing payment.’
      • ‘Water will be disconnected from 3.00 pm. to 8.30 a.m. the following day.’
      • ‘Cable TV has also been disconnected for non payment of the fees.’
      • ‘Mobile phone users now have only fifteen days, instead of thirty five, to clear overdue bills before they are disconnected.’
      • ‘This means if your water account is in arrears, your electricity might be disconnected.’
      • ‘The building contractors wrote to us in February and we have applied for the electricity to be disconnected.’
      • ‘103 children lived in families whose electricity was disconnected.’
      • ‘Electricity, gas and telephones in the area have been disconnected but may be restored to some parts of the area if safety permits.’
      • ‘Her cell phone has been disconnected and bills that I mailed have been ignored.’
      • ‘In January a similar move to disconnect non-payers caused outrage when businesses across the city were put out of action.’
      • ‘The decision had been surprising to many who found their telephone lines disconnected despite having paid the bill.’
      deactivate, shut off, turn off, switch off, unplug, de-energize, detach from a power supply
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  • 1An instance of disconnecting or being disconnected.

    as modifier ‘a disconnect message’
    • ‘In this case, using the soft option is better; the disconnect message will appear on the screen and the operation will be canceled.’
    • ‘If you need absolutely secure disconnects from the Internet without shutting down your computer, try this application.’
    • ‘When this code boots, the USRP simulates a USB disconnect and reconnect.’
    • ‘Conversely, when the device is removed from the USB bus, the disconnect function is called with the device pointer.’
    • ‘You might see the disconnect sign a lot but there aren't any instances of massive warping that would normally come with a fast paced game.’
    • ‘This ensures that Ctrl-Alt-Del forces a clean disconnect from the cluster before rebooting.’
    • ‘It includes a connector, a valve assembly and an emergency disconnect device, all of which are mounted internally.’
    • ‘Upon disconnect from the server, the clean-up system begins with the first e-mail message in the database.’
    • ‘Approximately 78 percent of disconnects were followed by reconnects.’
    • ‘The new users often fall victim to no-pay disconnects, she explains.’
    • ‘In a weekend of heavy dial-up play, I had few disconnects or serious lag issues.’
    • ‘Such a disconnect can cost millions of dollars, he says.’
    • ‘This is needed in case there is a disconnect in the network.’
    • ‘A disconnect function called when the device is removed from the system.’
    • ‘He scowled as he pressed the disconnect button.’
    1. 1.1A discrepancy or lack of connection.
      ‘there can be a disconnect between boardrooms and IT departments when it comes to technology’
      • ‘There are connects and disconnects between those of us who want peace.’
      • ‘My original gripe was with the lack of diversity and the total disconnect of the media with its public.’
      • ‘I guess I felt a general disconnect with life and with myself around that time.’
      • ‘A distinct pattern is beginning to emerge in the disconnect between the words and deeds of the Administration.’
      • ‘Our recent opinion research uncovered words, messages, and services that don't resonate with people and create disconnects.’
      • ‘In fact, every day the array of mass-media fixations is a very big swirl of disconnects.’
      • ‘There are many disconnects between school as it exists now and the working lives of parents.’
      • ‘Hope against hope, at a certain point, becomes too searingly painful to watch, because the disconnect between the glimmer of hope and the inevitable grief is just too dissonant.’
      • ‘Perhaps the answer to the disconnect between stated parental goals and educational outcomes lies in the culture's traditional suspicion of education.’
      • ‘There is a profound disconnect between what we are told everyone wants and what people in the region actually want.’
      • ‘What we have now is a kind of a disconnect between that genuine grassroots movement and the old oligarchs, if you will, who are busy self perpetuating themselves.’
      • ‘Part of the disconnect, here, seems to be cultural.’
      • ‘But at the same time, I thought there was a disconnect there.’
      • ‘So I think there is a little bit of a disconnect there.’
      • ‘When it comes to education and jobs, there's a real disconnect between what we talk about in Washington and what people are experiencing.’
      • ‘And nothing causes more of a disconnect between theory and truth than unexamined a priori assumptions.’
      • ‘There's a lot of elements where we've had a disconnect with the reader base of today.’
      • ‘In the coming months, the potential for a disconnect between voters and the policies of the new government's leaders is enormous.’
      • ‘Sometimes the disconnect between the editorial page and the real world is so vast I wonder whether we can ever agree about anything any more.’
      • ‘Instead of feeling empowered, or united, there is a disconnect.’