Meaning of disconnectedness in English:


Pronunciation /dɪskəˈnɛktɪdnəs/

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‘If this situation does produce bodies of work consistent in their disconnectedness from the world, no one should find that particularly ‘subconscious’ or surprising.’
  • ‘It's quite clear to me however that, in the long term, this era of historical disconnectedness will pass, and will be judged by future historians as a period in which human development entered and sat sad and disconsolate in the doldrums.’
  • ‘The tension was building as the deadline for the announcement approached and I couldn't put up any longer with the disconnectedness of the web.’
  • ‘His disconnectedness from the actual reality of segregation was marked.’
  • ‘It is a bleak film, a portrait of utter loneliness and disconnectedness.’