Meaning of disconsolately in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈskɒnsələtli/

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‘The distraught mother of the slain young man said disconsolately at his funeral, ‘I don't know who to blame for my son's death.’
  • ‘‘I've been going to various media organisations, but not many are impressed,’ says he disconsolately.’
  • ‘A small boy sits disconsolately on a park bench, finishing up what looks like a packed lunch; we feel instinctively worried, protective - where are his parents?’
  • ‘As the afternoon wears on, malaise sets in; I'm tired of music, tired of reading, tired of telly, and start flicking disconsolately through the channels.’
  • ‘A group of young men from the city's environmental protection department stood around disconsolately, debating whether to go and have a drink instead.’