Meaning of discontinued in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪskənˈtɪnjuːd/

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  • (of a product) no longer available or produced.

    ‘discontinued fabrics’
    • ‘The difficulty lies in knowing why a line was discontinued.’
    • ‘At the request of regularly contributing artists, the Artist's Chronicle was discontinued in 1983 in favor of a reviews section.’
    • ‘Publication was discontinued in September 1917 by decision of the Central Committee.’
    • ‘Older, discontinued examples of American made pistols are sometimes hard to find parts for.’
    • ‘What a shame I picked it out of the discontinued item bin at Waitrose.’
    • ‘This type of multi-dose presentation has been discontinued for all licensed plasma derivative products.’
    • ‘The production of Kodachrome 40, better known as Super 8 film, is being discontinued.’
    • ‘They were not as hygienic as the metal ones and were eventually discontinued.’
    • ‘In addition, sellers will be able to quickly move overstocks and discontinued products.’
    • ‘The experiment and the books were discontinued after a year or so.’
    • ‘New and discontinued items are available on the web site.’
    • ‘However, since August of this year it was discontinued without reason or explanation.’
    • ‘It was used as a memory system under two different product names for a few months before its production was discontinued.’
    • ‘The single rubella vaccine is being discontinued by the only manufacturer producing it in this country.’
    • ‘Personally, I'm enjoying buying the discontinued games en masse.’
    • ‘The saw was discontinued in the 1950s and is no longer serviced.’
    • ‘This article was first authored in 2004, and while I did update it a few times, the list of discontinued products seems to be growing.’
    • ‘Plus, the Odor Eater underlay range was being discontinued, and we got it at £ 4.99 per square meter.’
    • ‘The board said that patients were administered out-of-date and discontinued drugs.’
    • ‘Pyrazolon derivatives have been used in the past but were discontinued because of severe adverse effects.’