Meaning of discount store in English:

discount store


  • A shop that sells goods at less than the normal retail price.

    ‘I was shopping at a local discount store when a woman stopped to say hello.’
    • ‘Her wares are marketed to ordinary working class people, through her product line sold by the discount store.’
    • ‘The last time Sue and I went shopping at the gigantic discount store, I bought a package of golf gloves.’
    • ‘He recommends shopping at a specialty fitness retailer ‘rather than a discount store that carries hockey pucks and hunting gear.’’
    • ‘The company pioneered the idea of coupling a discount store with a supermarket and has become the nation's No. 1 grocer.’
    • ‘The world's most famous toy shop will open the doors of a new discount store in York just in time for Christmas.’
    • ‘Buckets can be purchased from a discount store or picked up for a small fee from supermarket bakeries and fast-food restaurants.’
    • ‘You may not find them on the bargain rack at the local discount store, but they wear well year after year, making them a good investment.’
    • ‘To make this mix in the most economical way, we purchase our seasonings at the local discount store for a dollar a bottle.’
    • ‘They're an off-price discount store so the selection varies widely from store to store and day to day.’
    • ‘Buy a tub of colored chalk from the local discount store and give your kids a theme to create their own masterpieces on your front or back sidewalks.’
    • ‘Apparently, people went to buy the art at the discount store, but when there was none left, they went to the gallery instead.’
    • ‘Whatever you do, don't settle for a cheap liner from a discount store.’
    • ‘During most visits with their mother, Hannah and her sisters go to a discount store in West View.’
    • ‘Groaning slightly, she got up, and walked into the discount store nearby.’
    • ‘Make your own kite (you can find books at the library) or buy a cheap one from the discount store.’
    • ‘My friend suggested I give a gift certificate from a discount store for the same amount of money.’
    • ‘My local discount store does a booming business in CD players that look like 1930s radios.’
    • ‘She bought the talking cookie jar at a large discount store three years ago.’
    • ‘I went to a discount store and bought a bunch of large silk flowers for a dollar.’