Meaning of discreteness in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈskriːtnɪs/

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‘Opposed to continuity is discreteness: to be discrete is to be separated, like the scattered pebbles on a beach or the leaves on a tree.’
  • ‘The effect of photodiode-array discreteness was checked by using two different magnification factors; results were similar.’
  • ‘Information on the plasticity of the migratory routes of bowhead whales provides insight on their vulnerability to changes in available habitats, and determination of migration routes also elucidates stock discreteness.’
  • ‘Units move toward, work toward their unity, their indivisibility, and in a sense language is sanctified as expression only by a certain disregard for the particularity or discreteness of words.’
  • ‘However, with three taxa, the discreteness makes it difficult to determine an interval above which we expect 76% of the range extensions to lie.’