Meaning of discretionary income in English:

discretionary income


mass noun
  • Income remaining after deduction of taxes, social security charges, and basic living costs.

    Compare with disposable income

    ‘Fear of unemployment, falling tourism numbers, the impact on disposable, discretionary income of stealth taxes have all taken their toll, as has a squeeze on pay in the private sector.’
    • ‘The more the state spends and taxes the less discretionary income citizens have in take-home pay (or what remains after deductions for tax and national insurance).’
    • ‘The problem is especially acute at low levels of income, where savings and discretionary income are very limited.’
    • ‘Alternatively, individuals at greater risk might select a more comprehensive plan and supplement the voucher's value with other discretionary income.’
    • ‘As they enter their retirement years healthier and wealthier than previous generations, Boomers will have more discretionary income for travel and entertainment.’