Meaning of discursively in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈskəːsɪvli/

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‘‘I speak elliptically, discursively,’ she admits, babbling about an obsolete guidebook to Kabul, Afghanistan, which she holds on her lap.’
  • ‘Different identities, different traces, of the subject although each, paradoxically, determining a bounded whole which co-exists discursively without conflict.’
  • ‘By ‘localised state of exception’ I mean organised around a particular social problem and discursively constructed around a necessarily problematic figure, such as the hoon.’
  • ‘Gender, in poststructuralist theories does not emanate from a ‘naturally given’ sexed body, but as a discursively given code comes to materialize bodies as sexed.’
  • ‘Since representations are mediations - visually, culturally, and discursively - they displace elements of the real world and social relations.’