Meaning of disease-free in English:



  • Not suffering from, contaminated by, or exposed to a particular disease.

    ‘all three patients remained disease-free four years after diagnosis’
    • ‘the farm was declared disease-free’
    • ‘Here in the sanctuary we've established a disease-free group.’
    • ‘Buy certified seed stock, which is guaranteed disease-free.’
    • ‘He says shutting down the industry is the only way to ensure Alberta's wild elk population remains disease-free.’
    • ‘Plant only well cleaned, high quality, disease-free seed with a germination of 80 percent or greater.’
    • ‘After 18 years no difference was seen in overall survival or in disease-free survival.’
    • ‘This would confirm that they were, in fact, clinically disease-free.’
    • ‘Emergency vaccination can help contain the disease quickly if it is used to create barriers between infected zones and disease-free zones.’
    • ‘Of this group, 90% experienced growth of new, healthy blood cells, and 18 remain disease-free.’
    • ‘There is some assurance that buildings won't collapse, fire doors will work, and restaurant food will be disease-free - but it's nowhere near perfect.’
    • ‘The quest for disease-free apples began in 1907 at the University of Illinois.’
    • ‘Both animals are disease-free and generally devour 1,000 to 2,000 mosquitoes each day during the warmer months.’
    • ‘A majority of the patients (six) remain completely disease-free one to two years after the treatment.’
    • ‘In the study, patients achieved disease-free and overall survival outcomes which set a new survival standard for the drug.’
    • ‘The patient described in this report had an excellent outcome and is disease-free after 4 years without systemic chemotherapy.’
    • ‘The minister said that Ireland currently enjoys a most favourable forest pest and disease-free status.’
    • ‘The country's beef exports to the EU come from the disease-free zone in the south of the state.’
    healthy, in good condition, toned, fit, physically fit, hale and hearty, in good shape, in fine fettle, in trim, disease-free, undamaged, uninjured, unimpaired