Meaning of disembodiment in English:



See disembody

  • ‘Therefore, we must resist any and all architectures of disembodiment which remove labor from manufacturing in the global economy, war from geography, privacy from security, gender from race and dissent from justice.’
  • ‘The project furthermore makes doubtful the possibility of posthumanism that is conditioned by cyborgization and human disembodiment because these two are virtually the outcomes of the metaphoric relationship.’
  • ‘Much as he deplores the disembodiment he finds at the heart of dying-to-know narratives, some kind of self-denial, he decides, is essential for the good, if not the true.’
  • ‘Thus, what alarms him is the dehumanization, disembodiment and moral anaesthetization that is now, he believes, accompanying the substitution of virtuality for reality.’
  • ‘A further feature of this negative self is its particular disembodiment, isolation and fragility.’