Meaning of disengaged in English:


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  • Emotionally detached.

    ‘the students were oddly disengaged, as if they didn't believe they could control their lives’
    • ‘The remarkable thing about the youth I interviewed is that their attitudes are not those of disengaged, civically ignorant slackers, as most adults are eager to describe their generation.’
    • ‘If a disengaged person is approached by someone they know, about an issue they care about, and asked - say - to help draft a letter to the local paper, then that will engage their interest.’
    • ‘Environmentalists are failing to attract the disenfranchised, the disempowered, the dispossessed and the disengaged.’
    • ‘And my constituency were the disengaged voters, the disengaged, those who had really given up on our political system.’
    • ‘The problem is the disengaged and disaffected women, especially single women, who say neither candidate speaks to their lives.’
    • ‘But with such apparently disengaged voters, is it any wonder?’
    • ‘I expect that trend merely to be reinforced by the final week advertising blitz and disengaged undecided voters finally focusing on the choice to be made.’
    • ‘Some women managed to complete the mandatory treatment time while maintaining a marginal role by staying disengaged and uninvolved with counselors and other clients, male as well as female.’
    • ‘The skepticism offered by historicism and the sociology of knowledge is ultimately merely theoretical, the skepticism of an observer who takes the disengaged view from nowhere.’
    • ‘When Brenda reads to Tony from the morning papers, her disengaged chatter runs together nightmarish grotesqueries and social gossip.’
    • ‘With careers and raises often hanging in the balance, few instructors can afford to displease the growing number of disengaged students making evaluation forms.’
    • ‘This is especially true for disengaged families.’
    • ‘He spent the final six years of his political career as a disengaged and at times embittered figure on the parliamentary backbench, finally retiring in 1996.’
    • ‘Of the 40 disengaged fathers, who were not seeing their children regularly, all of the women had actively discouraged contact.’
    • ‘Unions are reinventing themselves to meet the needs of modern workers and political parties too need to reinvent themselves to meet the needs of a disengaged electorate.’
    • ‘The optimistic assumption is that a more literate nation will be more cohesive and socially inclusive: polite society need no longer fear the disengaged illiterates.’
    • ‘It is therefore unsurprising that the political system itself has become stultified and its population disengaged and apathetic.’
    • ‘The practice of autopsy was a practical consequence of the adoption of the Cartesian understanding of disengaged reasoning.’
    • ‘Finally, disengaged students most frequently cited issues related to lack of support, caring, and fairness.’
    • ‘Families that are disengaged lack closeness and/or loyalty, and are characterized by high independence.’



/ˌdɪs(ɪ)nˈɡeɪdʒd/ /ˌdɪsɛnˈɡeɪdʒd/