Meaning of disentailment in English:



mass nounLaw
  • The action of freeing property from entail.

    ‘the disentailment of the Church's landed property’
    • ‘First, it often profited from a liberalization of the market to increase or at least consolidate its landholdings, even though measures such as disentailment and bans on the sale of land to commoners were directly aimed at its interests.’
    • ‘After that date, a simple deed of disentailment was all that was required to break an entail.’
    • ‘But he proved a centralizer and it was his stronger state that pushed forward with disentailment of communal land.’
    • ‘The disentailment rapidly led to a thorough and long-lasting transformation of the urban landscape of Barcelona.’
    • ‘Its creation was a direct consequence of the disentailment of Church property and the museum was the first national, public art gallery to be created in Spain.’



/dɪsɪnˈteɪlm(ə)nt/ /dɪsɛnˈteɪlm(ə)nt/