Meaning of disentitle in English:


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[with object]
  • Deprive (someone) of a right.

    ‘she was disentitled to a redundancy payment’
    • ‘Any default in payment of the arrears in accordance with the scheme shall disentitle the consumer from the benefits of the scheme.’
    • ‘It was then alleged that ‘by reason of all of those matters the claimant was guilty of gross misconduct disentitling him to any damages.’’
    • ‘That provision disentitles persons who have committed serious non-political crimes from refugee rights.’
    • ‘As a fugitive, he is disentitled from doing so.’
    • ‘If the recipient of income support has capital in excess of the prescribed amount he is disentitled from continued receipt of income support.’
    • ‘Recognizing the principle of law that I stated earlier, that although I find the wife's employment situation is not such as to disentitle her to any support, it is a factor which I accept should be taken into account in establishing quantum.’
    • ‘She submits, second, that the fact that the rent was discharged out of the Housing Benefit to which she was entitled did not disentitle her to damages under such a head.’
    • ‘Everyone has been disentitled from merit in this family.’
    • ‘Should they be disentitled to reimbursement for these expenses once the court has determined they have been wronged?’
    • ‘The defendants submitted that this fact alone disentitled the claimants from seeking relief.’
    • ‘Nor can they be disentitled for their lack of speech, tradition and culture.’
    • ‘Hence, I would be hard pressed to conclude that a charge under this section would, ipso facto, disentitle one to bail.’
    • ‘To pay such a premium where other more reasonable premiums are available may disentitle the litigant from making a full recovery of the costs of the premium.’
    • ‘A failure to put a point should usually disentitle the point to be taken against a witness in a closing speech.’
    • ‘That does not disentitle the Referring Party to an evaluation of its extension of time.’
    • ‘I find there was no delinquency in disclosure which would justify disentitling or reducing the plaintiff's right to costs.’
    • ‘Striking out a defendant's defence disentitles that party from having any trial.’
    • ‘These masses of disentitled people may enter into quasi-feudal social relations with those who own land in exchange for food and physical security.’
    • ‘Agreements to make mutual wills have the effect of disentitling any other person who is not provided for in the will from making a claim under the Act.’
    • ‘I wanted to say simply this, that the fact that my client is engaged in a commercial enterprise is not a disentitling circumstance.’
    banned, barred, disbarred, debarred



/dɪsɪnˈtʌɪt(ə)l/ /dɪsɛnˈtʌɪt(ə)l/