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  • Deprive (an organization, especially a national Church) of its official status.

    ‘the Anglican Church in Wales was disestablished in 1919’
    • ‘The English grant was abolished in 1851, the Irish in 1869 when the Irish church was disestablished, though with compensation for the Presbyterians.’
    • ‘When Gladstone decided that he had got the ultimate solution to the Irish problem and disestablished the Church of Ireland we had a difficult period to establish ourselves as an autonomous Irish church which we now are.’
    • ‘By 1833, all of the original 13 states had disestablished their churches, largely due to Madison's influence.’
    • ‘A decree issued in February 1918 disestablished the Church and confirmed the equality of all religious faiths before the law.’
    • ‘In his 1868 to 1874 government, Gladstone disestablished the Church of Ireland.’
    • ‘At a minimum they clearly meant to preclude the federal government from interfering in religious matters, but equally clearly they did not intend to disestablish state churches or authorize the federal government to do so.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church was disestablished, and a considerable amount of church land was purchased and redistributed.’
    • ‘Welsh nationalism was about neither land nor Home Rule but was founded on the Nonconformist campaign to disestablish the Anglican Church, which was maintained by the payment of tithes.’
    • ‘Gladstone began to tackle Ireland's oppressive landlordism and disestablished the Irish Protestant church in 1869.’
    • ‘It expelled religious orders from the country and disestablished the Roman Catholic church.’
    • ‘It was not until 1870 when the Church of Ireland was finally disestablished that it had to review its assumptions about its natural place in Irish society.’
    • ‘If the church refuses to pay, it risks being disestablished from the diocese.’
    • ‘The simple alternative would be for the Church of England to be disestablished.’
    • ‘Thus America became the first nation to disestablish religion and to protect the free exercise of religion by law.’
    • ‘We have just heard that this bill is being brought in 1 year after the board was disestablished without consultation with the sector itself.’
    • ‘We are disestablishing current municipalities and establishing new bodies.’
    • ‘That section stipulates that a council must consult before disestablishing a park.’
    • ‘In the fixed life cycle, the unit was established and trained or operated for a fixed time after which it was disestablished.’
    • ‘The Community Employment Group has been disestablished because we are now living in very, very different times from the times when the organisation was established.’
    • ‘Effectively the memorial is disestablished, or if you like, taken apart.’
    destabilize, unsettle, overthrow, overturn



/ˌdɪsɪˈstablɪʃ/ /ˌdɪsɛˈstablɪʃ/