Meaning of disesteem in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsɪˈstiːm/ /dɪsɛˈstiːm/


mass noun
  • Low esteem or regard.

    ‘her disesteem for institutionalized medicine now heightened to aversion’
    • ‘Many would say that inequality in the distribution of power or even the inequality of esteem and disesteem associated with social positions is more basic and fundamental.’
    • ‘In fact, far from the love of esteem being grounds for disesteem, a total disregard of others’ opinions seems to reveal in a person a certain contemptuousness of others, a characteristic that is itself disestimable.’
    • ‘By making publicity a ‘public’ rather than a private activity, we remove such disesteem as may attach to self-promotion and allow esteem fuller rein as an incentive.’
    • ‘Rhonda covered Mitch's body back up, and addressed the Detective with unconcealed disesteem.’
    • ‘The feeling for a good human job anywhere, the admiration of the really admirable, the disesteem of what is cheap and trashy and impermanent-this is what we call the critical sense, the sense for ideal values.’
    disgust, abhorrence, repugnance, revulsion, repulsion, loathing, detestation, hatred, hate, execration, obloquy, dislike, disapproval, disapprobation, distaste, disfavour, aversion, antipathy, animosity, animus, enmity, hostility, contempt, censure, condemnation


[with object]formal
  • Have a low opinion of.

    ‘novels and short stories have been disesteemed’
    • ‘Work in the low style generally reveals an ‘ambivalence about wealth’, but ‘pastoral was a place where it was particularly disesteemed’.’
    • ‘Thus, non-landed economic activities geared toward profit and growth through capital investment were disesteemed and thereby stifled.’
    • ‘In our earnestness to romanticize the cowboy we've ironically disesteemed his true character.’
    • ‘The only productions enjoyed in real quantity are the amateur efforts in slams and ezines, which are disesteemed by serious poets.’
    • ‘It is quite clear that fathers have been disesteemed and are disesteemed today.’
    • ‘The biggest challenge of this mountain is its altitude, cold and severe climate, factors that never must be disesteemed in the intent to reach the peak of the ceiling of America’
    • ‘Like cebil-seeds snuffed and smoked, intranasal bufotenine is throughout quite physically relaxing; in no case was there facial rubescence, nor any discomfort nor disesteeming side-effect.’
    • ‘The man who abandoned his shield was disesteemed by all; and the greatest dishonor was a shield fallen into the hands of the enemy.’
    • ‘Feminist philosophical work in ethics, political theory and theory of knowledge has two central aims: to reveal the gender bias encoded in conventional philosophical work, and to reconstruct theories of morality, political justice, and knowledge so that they more adequately address the experience of women and other disesteemed social groups.’
    • ‘The Fund will support research projects intended to lead to an increased understanding of personal factors, social arrangements, social institutions and physical factors affecting the well being of disesteemed or disadvantaged persons.’
    • ‘The professional critic or literary scholar who equates metaphor with poetry and poetry with truth is both disesteemed and opposed by the philosopher who, after deciding that metaphors are literally false, or cognitively insignificant, dismisses them as ‘mere’ instances of semantic confusion.’
    • ‘As a result of repeated encounters with the stigmatizing gaze of a culturally dominant other, the members of disesteemed groups internalize negative self-images and are prevented from developing a healthy cultural identity of their own.’
    • ‘One disesteeming feature of the regulatory body is that although it has broad administrative brief, the final decision is left to the Minister for Energy a situation which creates opportunities for the Minister, a political appointee, to veto the decisions of the Board, the technical body.’
    • ‘I've written an essay expanding upon my reasons for disesteeming his work, so I won't recapitulate those reasons here.’