Meaning of disguised in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈɡʌɪzd/

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  • 1Having changed one's appearance in order to conceal one's identity.

    ‘a disguised reporter’
    • ‘He leads the disguised goddess into the feast.’
    • ‘I felt the story would be even more compelling if his outraged moll also succumbed to the disguised heroine.’
    • ‘Police are looking for a barefooted bandit after a heavily disguised man robbed a golf club last night.’
    • ‘Between four and six disguised men were involved in the hold-up.’
    • ‘The book is replete with disturbing images of violent disruption, principally of disguised rebels ambushing small peasant communities.’
    • ‘Disguised teenagers walked or rode horseback to visit neighbors and beg for treats.’
    • ‘Die Fledermaus is the lighthearted story of Gabriel von Eisenstein, a would-be adulterer who attempts to pick up his disguised wife Rosalinde.’
    • ‘"Not to worry. I am really your papa," her disguised father later tells her.’
    • ‘He is at first overjoyed to see Antonio again before he sees his disguised sister.’
    • ‘Four others were nabbed two months ago when they were trying to pass off fake money to a disguised police officer.’
    in disguise, camouflaged, incognito, under cover
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    1. 1.1Concealed or obscured; made unrecognizable.
      ‘are all of your novels disguised autobiography?’
      • ‘the disguised form of aggression available to the powerless against the powerful’
      • ‘The film was a thinly disguised account of his life.’
      • ‘It's really just a poorly disguised attempt to flog the company's online market stats service.’
      • ‘Failure to qualify may yet be a disguised blessing.’
      • ‘This very cool website turns out to be a well disguised campaign for the anti-smoking lobby.’
      • ‘His tone of barely disguised contempt is maintained throughout the book.’
      • ‘Their government is a thinly disguised dictatorship.’
      • ‘It isn't what could be called bad game design, just uninspired, barely disguised filler.’
      • ‘ I think this post is a thinly disguised form of asking for praise.’
      • ‘Every expert that took the stand said this was disguised handwriting.’
      • ‘His friends always insisted his rudeness was carefully disguised humour.’
      • ‘Such prevention of marketing constitutes a disguised restriction on trade.’