Meaning of disillusioned in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsɪˈluːʒ(ə)nd/

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  • Disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.

    ‘the minority groups were completely disillusioned with the party’
    • ‘I told her that I could see her getting bored, cynical, disillusioned and angry if she joined the cops.’
    • ‘It is distressingly easy to become disillusioned and cynical while working on a development aid project.’
    • ‘Or has this seemingly complicated young man simply become disillusioned and lost interest?’
    • ‘What are you going to do to get disillusioned voters back?’
    • ‘It turned out to be a cosy place for the disillusioned - somewhere to take refuge until a new Lenin comes along.’
    • ‘It's time to reach out to the increasing number of disenfranchised and disillusioned Americans.’
    • ‘And thousands of disillusioned parents have turned their backs on the city.’
    • ‘This is a schooling system for consumer cool, soft business, free ownership and disillusioned voters.’
    • ‘Criticism can so easily turn into apathy, as disillusioned people become convinced that nothing can be done.’
    • ‘I don't deny there is a problem with people being disillusioned.’
    • ‘If he was disillusioned, Walsh said, it was because so few share his belief that sportswriters are not engaging in real battles.’
    • ‘I am not one of those disillusioned students, but I do have a few complaints.’
    • ‘Here disillusioned kids gather to be shaped into useful members of society with a particular talent for messing about on the water.’
    • ‘People are very disillusioned and frustrated at the way the Government has carried on its business.’
    • ‘Those players left disillusioned by summer after summer of defeats were given a reason to give it one more shot.’
    • ‘One dissatisfied customer leads to many disillusioned persons who will never come into your store.’
    • ‘Not only does he need to convince a sceptical market, he also has to reach an increasingly disillusioned customer.’
    • ‘One disillusioned teacher in the west of Scotland has seen his Sunday morning athletics classes dwindle.’
    • ‘They have won just once and many disillusioned fans are wondering just where the next victory will come.’
    • ‘My guess is he's still disillusioned and reeling after yesterday's events.’
    disenchanted, disappointed, let down, cast down, downcast, discouraged
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