Meaning of disinfection in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɪs(ɪ)nˈfɛkʃn/

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mass noun
  • The process of cleaning something, especially with a chemical, in order to destroy bacteria.

    ‘instruments must undergo high-level disinfection before reuse’
    • ‘The team has been encouraging hand disinfection by trialling individual alcohol hand gel dispensers.’
    • ‘Their approach, the Safe Water System (SWS), emphasizes disinfection at the places where water is consumed.’
    • ‘Guidelines for treating contaminated water by boiling as well as chemical disinfection are discussed subsequently.’
    • ‘The steps for removing protective clothing include disinfection with bleach solutions and washing hands with soap and water.’
    • ‘Organisers of events must in any event adhere strictly to the disinfection procedures.’
    • ‘He called on all agriculture-related enterprises to maintain strict disinfection measures against the disease.’
    • ‘Prompt treatment with antibiotics combined with an effective disinfection regime is essential to prevent its spread.’
    • ‘Heat, chemical disinfection, or lack of moisture can kill the virus.’
    • ‘The items should be cleaned as soon as possible after use and thoroughly dried before disinfection or sterilization.’
    • ‘Control measures undertaken include quarantine and disinfection of infected premises.’