Meaning of disinhibit in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsɪnˈhɪbɪt/

verbdisinhibits, disinhibiting, disinhibited

[with object]
  • Make less inhibited.

    ‘as well as disinhibiting me, he educated me’
    • ‘The potential for peers to inhibit or disinhibit a potential offender's sexual imposition is supported by research on physical aggression.’
    • ‘Such binge drinking disinhibits people and leads to a spectrum of anti-social behaviour ranging from yobbism and vandalism to serious violence.’
    • ‘It disinhibits cats, so I can observe them properly, see who they really are.’
    • ‘It may have been that a combination of alcohol and cannabis fuelled a fantasy for financial gain and disinhibited you, as the police report put it.’
    • ‘Recorder Barry Kogan told him: ‘I believe you are a considerable risk to the public particularly when disinhibited by drink.’’
    • ‘As a ‘shy, gawky, skinny’ young man, Wilson relied on alcohol to disinhibit him.’
    • ‘This potential for anonymity in e-mailing disinhibits some people.’
    • ‘Still, perhaps by engaging in this active homicide fantasy, the shooter is unconsciously disinhibiting his otherwise dormant violent impulses toward other people.’
    • ‘A supplementary disinhibiting factor is the abuse of alcohol and drugs, involved in an estimated 70 percent of violent crimes.’
    • ‘Participants in the low expectancy group did not believe that alcohol disinhibited them sexually or interfered with safer-sex practices.’
    • ‘On examination, the man was somewhat disinhibited; he also had a broad-based gait and an explosive cerebellar dysarthria.’
    • ‘He is disinhibited and threatening in his manner.’
    • ‘They and others with such neurological damage are socially disinhibited.’
    • ‘Once killing is disinhibited, then they are able to kill freely.’
    • ‘He was slightly disinhibited but co-operative and achieved good rapport.’
    • ‘Even had she been disinhibited by alcohol earlier in the evening, that had worn off by the time in question.’
    • ‘In the instant case D's intention in giving the tablets was to disinhibit the boys and thereby render them more susceptible to his sexual advances; this constituted an intent to injure.’
    • ‘In addition, substances such as alcohol can interact with medications, disinhibit patients and contribute to risky behaviors.’
    • ‘‘The use of any drug tends to disinhibit and this is when people take risks,’ he says.’
    • ‘Does she use alcohol or drugs, which are disinhibiting?’