Meaning of disjecta membra in English:

disjecta membra

Pronunciation /dɪsˌdʒɛktə ˈmɛmbrə/

plural noun

  • Scattered fragments, especially of written work.

    ‘We are getting a little tired of this, and the compost heap has been put off limits to Man the Hunter - - they will just have to dispose of their disjecta membra at a sensible distance from the house.’
    • ‘In a broader sense as well, the disjecta membra of truth must be gathered from far-flung places, in both a temporal and geographical sense.’
    • ‘We go picking up from year to year and laying side by side the disjecta membra of truth, as he who picked up one by one a row of a hundred stones, and returned with each separately to his basket.’


Latin, alteration of disjecti membra poetae (used by Horace) ‘limbs of a dismembered poet’.