Meaning of dismantler in English:



See dismantle

‘Vehicle dismantlers are now charging to collect or take delivery of most unwanted vehicles and, as a consequence, it is cheaper for the owners to simply abandon the vehicle.’
  • ‘It is they who must do the paying if dismantlers are to bring their practices up to the new legal standards - which three quarters of the 28 Bradford scrapyards subjected to a spot check were found to have failed to do.’
  • ‘Instead of stacking them in cupboards, we're supposed to wipe the memories and then phone the computer dismantlers, who'll take them away and turn them into something useful.’
  • ‘By definition, all parts are used, so there is some element of risk, but most dismantlers will now give a warranty, typically one to three months.’
  • ‘Car dismantlers across the city have been targeted in a Government crackdown on illegal scrapyards.’