Meaning of dismemberment in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈmɛmbəm(ə)nt/

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mass noun
  • 1The action of cutting off a person's or animal's limbs.

    ‘graphic pictures of torture and dismemberment’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Treadwell was aware, at least on an intellectual level, that he courted dismemberment or death.’
    • ‘Berlin learns of an old case involving the serial murder and pathological dismemberment of certain body parts of the victims.’
    • ‘Naturally things start slow (the first death comes quick and with little gore) and by the end we get chainsaw dismemberments.’
    • ‘The disemboweling and dismemberment and fake blood may have caused some digestion problems.’
    • ‘Monstrous imagery percolates through his work, as does the theme of dismemberment.’
    • ‘One scene involves the total dismemberment of a victim and the packaging of the body parts for storage in a meat-processing plant.’
    • ‘We literally see rivers of blood, disembowelings, slit throats, and dismemberment.’
    • ‘The psycho family takes pampered kids fascinated by death and dismemberment and puts them through the wringer of the real thing.’
    • ‘Le Cochon records the slaughter and dismemberment of a pig and the process of transforming the dead animal into various food products.’
    • ‘Alas, the second film is an absolutely harrowing tale of torture and dismemberment.’
  • 2The action of partitioning or dividing up a territory or organization.

    ‘the dissolution and dismemberment of the British empire’
    • ‘Alexander felt that the dismemberment of Poland, over which his grandmother Catherine had presided, had been a shameful act.’
    • ‘Regional elections in the early 1990s shifted the reform agenda from liberalization to subnational independence and central state dismemberment.’
    • ‘Nothing would have led more swiftly to the country's dismemberment than a policy of discrimination in the granting of privileges between one power and another.’
    • ‘On his accession, his priority was to save Macedon from dismemberment by hostile powers, poised for the kill.’
    • ‘Mill saw some of these local prejudices as some protection against a wholly centralized state; so a case for the reform of local government, not for its dismemberment.’
    • ‘The company wanted the breakup to be referred to as "divestiture" only a few days earlier, but let it be dismemberment if it wishes.’
    • ‘This would see much of the rest of the company, which is subsidized by the printing revenue, looking highly vulnerable to dismemberment.’
    • ‘It looks like the company is heading for the knackers' yard for dismemberment by its banks.’
    • ‘It threatened multicultural states with dismemberment, whether by secession or irredentist demands.’
    • ‘To allay state fears of dismemberment, a proposed new state has to be supported by the parliament of the state affected.’