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dispatch rider


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  • A messenger who delivers urgent business documents or military dispatches by motorcycle or (formerly) on horseback.

    ‘Titchmarsh carried out his duties as a dispatch rider first on horseback and then on a motorcycle.’
    • ‘Anybody who wants to be a cycle despatch rider will tend to be a little alternative in their thinking, Mick admits - so it seemed natural to turn to a complementary health centre to keep them in shape.’
    • ‘A dispatch rider at the start of the First World War, Portal was soon commissioned and then seconded to the Royal Flying Corps in which he served with distinction.’
    • ‘He was deployed as a dispatch rider but is now driving the lorries distributing water.’
    • ‘Each night an army despatch rider was said to visit the house, arousing suspicions it was used for intelligence gathering.’
    • ‘In fact, the first American to enter Germany after the ceasefire was reported to be motorcycle dispatch rider CPL Roy Holtz.’
    • ‘When the regiment of Thomas Rusk reached Gonzales, where Stephen F. Austin was awaiting them, Thomas Rusk planned to send back a dispatch rider with any letters and his news to the towns they had left from.’
    • ‘Then 18, he travelled to London's Piccadilly to queue at the recruiting office of the Royal Engineers to try to enlist as a despatch rider because he wanted to exchange his Triumph motorbike for the more powerful military machines.’
    • ‘My job was as a dispatch rider for one of the armoured brigades.’
    • ‘A despatch rider who led police on a nightmare chase at speeds of up to 140 mph and who was only stopped after officers deliberately crashed into his bike, has been jailed.’
    messenger, special messenger, dispatch rider, letter carrier, mail carrier, runner, bearer, message bearer, message carrier, delivery man, delivery woman, conveyor, envoy, emissary, harbinger, herald