Meaning of displaced person in English:

displaced person


  • A person who is forced to leave their home country because of war or persecution; a refugee.

    • ‘Nomads, refugees and displaced persons will also be allocated delegates.’
    • ‘And we want to make sure that those displaced persons and refugees are given proper attention, are provided with food and medications inside Iraqi territory.’
    • ‘‘Refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers in search of safety are more often than not treated harshly,’ he said.’
    • ‘The United States has spent almost $1 billion aiding refugees and displaced persons who might otherwise have died of disease or starvation.’
    • ‘It would certainly be a relevant point that these settlers are not displaced persons or refugees - they have perfectly good homes already.’
    • ‘The war resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, mostly of civilians, and created millions of refugees and displaced persons.’
    • ‘UN troops repatriated three hundred sixty thousand refugees and displaced persons from Thai border regions.’
    • ‘Now we have had already a number of situations in which refugees and internally displaced persons are, in fact, one group.’
    • ‘Either way, they had become refugees or displaced persons, orphaned from their past and too unsure of their future to take their lives into their own hands.’
    • ‘Canada accepts between 20,000 and 30,000 refugees and other displaced persons a year.’
    • ‘Afterwards, refugees and displaced persons were housed in the barracks.’
    • ‘In the spotlight this week, the situation that faces refugees and displaced persons.’
    • ‘Most of the world's refugees and displaced persons are women and children.’
    • ‘So the reward of some of them to be moved around like displaced persons or refugees.’
    • ‘The United Nations High Commission on Refugees helps displaced people fleeing from war, genocide, and civil unrest.’
    • ‘These will be transport and communications; the return of displaced people and refugees; missing persons; and electricity.’
    • ‘Only 700 official asylum seekers live in Lago Agrio, but the town hosts thousands of displaced people without refugee status.’
    • ‘Some of the big sources of these refugees and displaced people have a chance of recovery.’
    • ‘Further aggravating the situation, the beaten country was flooded with thousands of refugees and displaced persons desperately looking for food and shelter.’
    • ‘The next major conflict could easily involve large numbers of civilian refugees or displaced persons, and they may not always be docile or amenable to military control.’
    traveller, rambler, hiker, wayfarer, migrant, globetrotter, roamer, rover


displaced person

/ˌdɪspleɪst ˈpəːs(ə)n/