Meaning of disproval in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈpruːv(ə)l/


mass noun
  • The action of proving that something is untrue.

    ‘determination of facts, and disproval of slanders’
    • ‘The film claims that the disproval of the story was a PR stunt by the government.’
    • ‘His response is that the means are justified in the public determination of facts and disproval of slanders.’
    • ‘The field deals more with whether some claim is true and justified rather than whether its disproval has some impact and consequence.’
    • ‘This is a direct disproval of the alleged facts on which the system professes to rest.’
    • ‘The author applies the thought experiment used by Einstein himself to design a thought experiment for its disproval.’
    • ‘At that moment, as if in disproval of his assertion, the sound of an approaching horse assailed their ears’
    refutation, denial, disproving, counter-argument, countering, invalidation, negation, contradiction