Meaning of disruptively in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈrʌptɪvli/


See disruptive

‘What nobody has done yet, though, is to extrapolate these plans into other crisis areas where too many reporters chomp around disruptively in too little space.’
  • ‘But the latter strove disruptively for extreme changes in religion and the law, until the moderate majority, to Cromwell's relief, staged a walk-out on 12 December and resigned their authority back into his hands.’
  • ‘So even though IP telephony is a potentially disruptive technology for the marketplace, it doesn't act disruptively in people's lives.’
  • ‘Some of this oxygen was converted into ozone and the developing ozone layer gave needed protection from disruptively energetic ultraviolet radiation.’
  • ‘Much of what Reed writes here seems accurate, though again he is distracted by the desire to find in this detail a disruptively textual aspect.’