Meaning of dissected in English:


Pronunciation /dʌɪˈsɛktɪd/ /dɪˈsɛktɪd/


  • 1Having been cut up for anatomical study.

    ‘This leads King into an extended digression on Michelangelo's use of nudity, including the evidence that the artist had studied dissected corpses in great detail.’
    • ‘It is also noted that many artificial fluorogenic substrates have been developed that provide alternative methods and extend the scope of enzymatic reactions that can be studied quantitatively with small dissected samples.’
    • ‘In this study, we use one half of dissected lymph nodes for histologic examination and the other half for telomerase assay.’
    • ‘As a result of these preservation techniques, there are several museums of human anatomy today containing permanent displays of beautifully dissected specimens.’
    • ‘The leaves dropping from the trees in autumn, the interior of an airplane engine, the entrails of a dissected rabbit, the city desk of a newspaper, all appear to be chaos if they are seen without comprehension.’
    • ‘I was beyond laughter, I just sat there agog, trashed and feeling like a dissected cadaver in a lab, in silent hysterics somewhere in between my ears because my mouth and larynx had ceased to communicate with my brain.’
    • ‘An added attraction is models and dissected specimens of human body - liver, spleen, kidney, foetus and hip joints - all preserved in formaldehyde solution.’
    • ‘We may look at a dissected heart and think that's all there is to it but what about those 78% of heart transplant patients who have memories that are not their own?’
    • ‘While methanol is a naturally occurring chemical found in tomato juice, formaldehyde is a poison used to kill fire ants and to preserve dissected specimens in biology lab.’
    • ‘By replacing body fluids with transparent plastic, plastination maintains the natural shape and color of dissected tissues.’
    • ‘What was it like walking right up to the dead, dissected bodies?’
    • ‘In experiments on dissected tissue, the accessory structure is usually removed.’
    • ‘When releases were complete, the limbs were formally dissected, and the proximity of neurovascular structures relative to the fascial incisions was measured and documented.’
    • ‘Measurements are for dissected embryos for the early-oil, mid-oil, and desiccating stages, and for whole seed at the mature seed stage.’
    • ‘One way is microdissection of the tissue, in which the antigen was localized using immunohistochemistry, and immunoblot analysis or activity measurements of extracts of the dissected tissue.’
    • ‘Whole petals or dissected tissues were chopped with a sharp razor blade in 0.5 ml of nuclei extraction buffer (solution A of the kit).’
  • 2Having a divided form or structure.

    ‘Our analysis of dissected stems and the outer anatomy of fossil logs indicates that the Eocene Metasequoia were strongly self-pruning.’
    • ‘Images included dissected lines on a screen, the subtleties of bird flight expressed through the movements of hands and head, a weaving toy plane.’
    • ‘Within the opening room is a tall, minimalist sculpture made of glass, to which a cluster of carefully dissected books has been attached: one blue, one brown, one black.’
    • ‘However, in longitudinal optical sections of dissected bundles immersed in lactic acid, they could be recognized as flattened and stretched helical wall thickenings.’
    • ‘This attractive liverwort has dissected edges to its fronds, giving the appearance of small petals.’
    • ‘Noxubee County, Mississippi had the most fragments of prairie, a reflection of a landscape that was highly dissected by streams.’
    1. 2.1Botany (of a leaf) divided into many deep lobes.
      ‘B. erecta is a stoloniferous species, consisting of a rosette of petiolated dissected leaves.’
      • ‘True aquatic plant species often have thin, highly dissected leaves, a morphology which is believed to be directed to the optimization of gas exchange underwater.’
      • ‘Morphologically, the population is distinguished by having much more dissected leaves than the normal form.’
      • ‘The thickness of the boundary layer is also highly dependent on the morphology of the leaf, with more dissected leaves having a thinner boundary layer than broad leaves.’
      • ‘These are the maples with deeply dissected leaves.’
    2. 2.2Geology (of a plateau or upland) divided by a number of deep valleys.
      ‘Most of the Kimberley Group is undeformed and a broad dissected plateau is developed on the flat-lying rocks.’
      • ‘It's a dissected Plateau margin with canyons, rocky hills and Mesquite / Cedar bush cover.’
      • ‘The scalloped rim presents a series of sheer walls ahead and behind, but to our left there is an utter falling away, a dropping and dropping until a dissected badlands finally looms up.’
      • ‘The reserve at Balnaguard Glen was created in 1976 and is a highly dissected gorge dominated by birch and juniper woodland and marked by spectacular landslips on its northern side.’
      • ‘The topography of this region is highly dissected, with moderate to steep slopes.’