Meaning of disseisin in English:


(also disseizin)

Pronunciation /dɪ(s)ˈsiːzɪn/


mass nounhistorical Law
  • The seizure of land belonging to someone else.

    ‘inquiries by the sheriff or the justices on questions of disseisin of land’
    • ‘From 1833,old notions of adverse possession, disseisin or ouster from possession should not have formed part of judicial decisions.’
    • ‘The juries under the Grand Assize replied under oath to inquiries by the sheriff or the justices on questions relating to right to land or questions of disseisin of land.’
    • ‘In 1223 he was convicted of disseisin at Thoresway itself.’
    • ‘During Stephen's reign tenants faced the prospect of disseisin through the territorial disputes of magnates.’
    • ‘In its denunciation of unlawful disseisin and its mixture of fiction with historical figures and real events, this episode is reminiscent of Fouke Le FitzWaryn.’
    confiscation, impounding, commandeering, requisitioning, appropriation, expropriation, sequestration


Late Middle English from Old French dessaisine, from dis- + seisin.