Meaning of dissimulator in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈsɪmjʊleɪtə/

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‘High Court judges, in a written submission to ministers, claim many teenagers are ‘artful or practised dissimulators, prepared to do all they can to avoid telling the truth or, worse, to deceive’.’
  • ‘The results of these studies suggest that both response latencies and validity scales may be helpful in identifying dissimulators on personality tests.’
  • ‘The women's steadfastness is in direct relation to their aggressiveness; the only Shakespearian woman to swerve from her commitment is Cressida, the passive manipulator of male desire and dissimulator of her own.’
  • ‘The solution is thus to become a great simulator and dissimulator, learning the skill of cunningly confusing men and making them believe in your pretence.’