Meaning of distance runner in English:

distance runner

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  • An athlete who competes in long- or middle-distance races.

    ‘He is only 22 and well down the road to surpassing Gebrselassie as the greatest distance runner of all time.’
    • ‘She's at a stage in her career when, as a distance runner, she's got plenty left in her.’
    • ‘Growing up a skinny kid in New Jersey, I had no dates, social skills nor athletic talents and therefore was encouraged to become a distance runner.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you are a long distance runner, try to pick your next race date so that you are at a peak on your physical cycle.’
    • ‘As a reward, my father gave me a book about the life of that great distance runner Emil Zatopek.’
    • ‘He was also a long distance runner and a good artist.’
    • ‘Radcliffe said: ‘As an athlete, I invest most of my energy and time in my quest to be the best distance runner in the world.’’
    • ‘Yeah, the guy was a long distance runner and so he had a full page photo of him in running gear crossing the finish line in a race.’
    • ‘I am a distance runner and my feet are in awful shape.’
    • ‘The bitterness basically is boring, and certainly it is counterproductive for somebody who wants to try at least to be a long distance runner.’
    • ‘But there's one thing that some of us, bordering on obesity, can't stand and that is the loneliness of the long distance runner.’
    • ‘He was arguably the best distance runner on the track team.’
    • ‘Well, I love running, and I'm a big guy, so I'm not exactly built as a distance runner.’
    • ‘A few years back, a TV commercial for a popular energy bar showed a distance runner straining to reach the finish line.’
    • ‘It's the loneliness of the long distance runner against the wind.’
    • ‘I had never found running to be so draining, and I was a long distance runner for both the cross country and track teams at my school!’
    • ‘On the contrary, Cory loved getting into shape, and was a long distance runner for his old school before he graduated.’
    • ‘And, though you don't know it when you first see Bitsey run, she's also a long distance runner.’
    • ‘A distance runner is in good running shape, but probably does not have the muscular strength of a weightlifter.’
    • ‘The world's greatest-ever distance runner will compete over 10 kilometres in the BUPA Great Manchester Run on May 22.’