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‘The use of conspicuous colors (yellow, red, and orange) by prey in order to convey distastefulness, or other unpleasant properties, is called aposematism.’
  • ‘She spoke in weary notes, as though self-protection was taking on a certain distastefulness, whispering, 'You can't stay.'’
  • ‘Some of your ideas were foreshadowed in the 1930s by Ronald Fisher's writings on the distastefulness of some insects.’
  • ‘The mainstream press regarded the whole unsightly mess with a combination of horrified distastefulness and eager anticipation.’
  • ‘Isn't there a point at which one has to realize the distastefulness of it all?’



/dɪsˈteɪstfʊlnəs/ /dɪsˈteɪstf(ə)lnəs/