Meaning of distended in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈstɛndɪd/

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  • Swollen due to pressure from inside; bloated.

    ‘a distended belly’
    • ‘The scars of the stigmas shone like silver beneath her distended skin.’
    • ‘In April 2003, a young Kazakhstani boy was taken into hospital for an operation on his unusually distended stomach.’
    • ‘Either she was about 20 weeks pregnant or her bladder was grossly distended.’
    • ‘Computed tomography showed a large anterior abdominal wall hernia containing distended bowel loops.’
    • ‘The patient was pale with a soft, distended abdomen.’
    • ‘In contrast, her abdominal region appeared slightly distended.’
    • ‘The explanted heart was markedly enlarged with a distended, flaccid right ventricular wall.’
    • ‘We see her cradling her seemingly distended belly in the next scene.’
    • ‘The stomach was distended reflecting a gastric outlet obstruction.’
    • ‘The plain abdominal films show distended loops of intestine with thickened bowel walls.’
    • ‘Bizarre honey-pot ants, whose distended stomachs are full of honey, also provide a sweet treat.’
    • ‘The tummy is distended with a gas to make more room.’
    • ‘These sounds are most likely the bursting of the abdominal wall distended by gas.’
    • ‘Varicose veins are larger distended veins that are located somewhat deeper than spider veins.’
    • ‘After many days I noticed my belly was becoming distended.’
    • ‘Notably, the peritoneal cavity was dry and was not distended with gas.’
    • ‘Your doctor will also feel your abdomen to find out if the bladder is distended.’
    • ‘The stems are succulent, and have dark green to black distended nodes.’
    • ‘Tubes wear out every year or so: They become distended, or they spring leaks.’
    • ‘He was pale and sweaty with distended neck veins and a rapid heartbeat.’