Meaning of distinctively in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈstɪŋ(k)tɪvli/

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  • In a way that is characteristic of one person or thing and distinguishes it from others.

    ‘Hunter was distinctively dressed in a leather flying jacket’
    • ‘a dramatic and distinctively shaped building’
    • ‘a distinctively American voice’
    • ‘This imaginative mixing of styles stretched to the rather distinctively stylish men's suits.’
    • ‘Pater developed a very distinctively English prose style.’
    • ‘This, and an occasional ironic detachment reminiscent of Nielsen, make for a distinctively interesting sound.’
    • ‘The stylish cut of her hair is distinctively modern and urban.’
    • ‘The players are divided into two distinctively marked teams.’
    • ‘Her drawing-room, distinctively decorated with William Morris wallpaper, played an influential part in Eton life.’
    • ‘The MIT Media Laboratory distinctively combines a high degree of vitality, creativity, and accessibility.’
    • ‘The meat came in a brown sauce, distinctively flavoured - and not enjoyed quite as much as the other dishes.’
    • ‘Distinctively scented, they are the most complex of all the sweet, white table wines.’
    • ‘The shell-like canopy distinctively marks the entrance to the site for the staff and students who approach Queen's from the east.’