Meaning of district attorney in English:

district attorney


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(also DA)
  • (in the US) a public official who acts as prosecutor for the state in a particular district.

    ‘The report examines the corruption of some of the union officials who have not been prosecuted by the district attorney's office.’
    • ‘Biely resigned from the district attorney's office and officially withdrew as a candidate, but could not get his name off the ballot.’
    • ‘Only if a manufacturer refused to comply could the bureau turn the case over to a district attorney for prosecution.’
    • ‘The Bronx district attorney said that such prosecutions were a mistake.’
    • ‘But it certainly does make it more difficult for the district attorney to prosecute those cases.’
    • ‘So the things that a local district attorney has to prosecute now are expanded and much more sophisticated.’
    • ‘Is there no legitimate room for creativity in the district attorney's office?’
    • ‘Ultimately none of the men did time, and the district attorney responsible for the scandal was swept from office.’
    • ‘The welfare office turned the information over to the Riverside district attorney.’
    • ‘We hope to hear from the district attorney and the defense attorney in a moment.’
    • ‘Thanks to your efforts, the district attorney has subpoenaed letters from everyone.’
    • ‘I now turn this case over to the district attorney, who has the responsibility of prosecuting the case.’
    • ‘The district attorney in neighboring Nassau County decided not to impanel a grand jury.’
    • ‘There's been arrests, but the district attorney has not made a decision whether to file the case or not.’
    • ‘The grand jury doesn't have to listen to the district attorney at all.’
    • ‘Instead, all charges were dropped when the district attorney decided that no jury would convict them.’
    • ‘The district attorney is prohibited from commenting on the ongoing grand jury investigation.’
    • ‘I inform the licensing board and the district attorney, and they do their job.’
    • ‘The district attorney has my complete faith and our judicial process is going to have to do better this time.’
    • ‘He was elected San Francisco district attorney and then state attorney general.’