Meaning of district heating in English:

district heating


mass noun
  • The supply of heat or hot water from one source to a district or a group of buildings.

    ‘In Sweden a system known as district heating allows buildings to be heated from a central town boiler, usually fuelled from wood.’
    • ‘This means removing the dust and sulphur dioxide from the emissions and using the heat efficiently through district heating schemes.’
    • ‘A district heating scheme, using heat from the mini power-station centred on the incinerator, was always part of the plan.’
    • ‘The enterprise is hoping to have some small district heating systems in place by the end of the year.’
    • ‘It is also planned use the system to get rid of district heating in apartment blocks, so that non-payers can be cut off.’
    • ‘Because of the commitments I had on district heating projects in Telford I did not have much time to deal with all the paperwork I needed to deal with.’
    • ‘For a company like ABB, there was further potential arising from the privatisation of district heating.’
    • ‘Pulp mills, district heating plants and power plants do not appreciate irregular fuel supply.’
    • ‘The Sofia district heating company, Toplofikatsia Sofia, alone consumes 30 per cent of the natural gas sold on the local market.’
    • ‘Shares in district heating companies also changed hands, to mark the start of the privatisation of this segment of the Bulgarian energy sector.’
    • ‘The consequence has been that their forest industry and district heating plants are fully utilizing all available mill residues.’
    • ‘In Sweden, the district heating system, using one big boiler to heat a series of buildings instead of one in each building, is widely used.’
    • ‘Part of the coal was delivered to the Rousse district heating company.’
    • ‘The government has provided state guarantees for two projects for district heating companies.’
    • ‘The prices set by the district heating companies would be regulated at a municipal level.’
    • ‘Energy production is a visible element of the community, with vertical solar hot-water-heating panels feeding into a district heating grid.’