Meaning of disturbingly in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈstəːbɪŋli/

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  • 1usually as submodifier In a way that causes worry or unease.

    ‘disturbingly violent movies’
    • ‘the course of events was disturbingly familiar’
    • ‘Paul's nightmares blend disturbingly with memories of his childhood orphanage home’
    • ‘Matters come to a head when the star is expelled from the team, leading to a disturbingly intense climax.’
    • ‘All very nice, and with nothing so disturbingly odd as to be off-putting.’
    • ‘The drawings were so disturbingly accurate that prison officials confiscated his art supplies.’
    • ‘The events of 1968 in Brazil were in actuality disturbingly different from contemporaneous events in the US.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop, professional regulation has been radically and disturbingly transformed.’
    • ‘Nuclear detonations invariably and disturbingly raise issues about beauty and the sublime, as well as a multitude of other vital issues.’
    • ‘Recent results and events disturbingly echo the fall of the Tories.’
    • ‘The survey disturbingly revealed that a quarter of children eat sweets and crisps for breakfast.’
    • ‘No one would deny that Italian politics have become disturbingly polarised and personalised.’
    • ‘Such music would probably have sounded disturbingly out of tune to Renaissance ears.’
    1. 1.1sentence adverb Used to express worry or unease at a situation or event.
      ‘disturbingly, he appears to support the war’
      • ‘Most disturbingly, last Tuesday my hair began to fall out.’
      • ‘Sadly, and disturbingly, history suggests otherwise.’
      • ‘Ironically, and disturbingly, these traits are also essential for those who enter public office, as well.’
      • ‘More disturbingly, however, the distinction between home and abroad has broken down.’
      • ‘Perhaps most disturbingly, though, schools that adopt militaristic regimes towards discipline are implicitly designating the student as a product.’
      • ‘More disturbingly, however, she wrote some bizarre short stories on the website, including one in which two brothers talk of assaulting a girl.’
      • ‘Here in Britain it's incredibly - and perhaps disturbingly - common that prisoners are sentenced to say 5 years, but only serve 3 of them.’
      • ‘There are reports of collapsed buildings in that same region, but as yet, most disturbingly, still no reports at all from the west coast.’
      • ‘Most remarkably and disturbingly, the editors do not state the obvious conclusion that Marx's predictions were wrong.’
      • ‘Disturbingly, employees or former employees commit over 85 % of fraud.’