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mass noun
  • The breaking up of something such as a federation.

    ‘his rejection of disunion was consistent with his nationalism’
    • ‘This material schism led way to disunion within the kingdom.’
    • ‘But not only do they get to enjoy all the benefits of the union, they must accept all the responsibilities and duties of union and disunion.’
    • ‘Bringing a country together that appears to be in such a state of disunion is another matter.’
    • ‘Thomas Merton wrote: ‘There are two things which men can do about the pain of disunion with other men.’’
    • ‘But the most important facet of their disunion from this current perspective is that there are two radically conflicting power centers.’
    • ‘While the caves represent disunion between British and India, the Mosque (the title of the first part of the novel) represents a union.’
    • ‘Delegates from Petersburg and Lynchburg, with minimal ties to the North and a strong orientation to the Southern trade, tended to support disunion.’
    • ‘So the historic gold and bimetallic standards receive attention, both as union and disunion (breaking-up).’
    • ‘After Abraham Lincoln's election, however, momentum shifted toward disunion in Mobile as it did throughout the Deep South.’
    • ‘Cries of disunion and secession, grown louder during the territorial debate, met with stony silence in Missouri.’
    • ‘Political disunion, competition among the hordes, and a lack of an internal market weakened the Kazakh Khanate.’
    • ‘The Mexicans in Texas also denounced slavery and disunion and frequently sheltered runaway slaves.’
    • ‘That was the whole purpose of their missions - they were apostles of disunion.’
    • ‘This bill is called the Civil Union Bill, but right now in New Zealand we all know that we have civil disunion.’
    • ‘All who cherish disunion sentiments are now being educated to the exact temper of doing this.’
    • ‘Bridges were destroyed to hamper the passage of Union troops, and newspapers hostile to the administration fanned disunion sentiment.’
    breaking up, dismantling, separation, dissolution, partition
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/dɪsˈjuːnjən/ /dɪsˈjuːnɪən/