Meaning of disvalue in English:


Pronunciation /dɪsˈvaljuː/


[with object]
  • Undervalue (something or someone)

    ‘I'm not going to disvalue the way they feel’
    • ‘Illness is an explanatory concept that describes the human perception, experience, and interpretation of certain socially disvalued states.’
    • ‘A less restrictive approach is that of critical-level utilitarianism, which disvalues only individuals whose utility level is below some fixed, low but positive threshold.’
    • ‘If we discover that attaining it has further, disvalued, consequences, we also prize it less.’
    • ‘It is unlikely that our finding reflects a reporting bias such as might occur when women are more reticent about admitting to disvalued behaviors.’


  • A negative value or worth.

    ‘a story in which exhibitionism is a disvalue’
    • ‘Socrates means to emphasize that nothing outweighs in positive value the disvalue of doing unjust actions.’
    • ‘Traditional formulations of double effect require that the value of promoting the good end outweigh the disvalue of the harmful side effect.’
    • ‘They will act out their disvalue with the attendant social problems that ensue.’
    • ‘Rather, expected good is calculated by multiplying the value or disvalue of possible outcomes by rational or justified probability estimates.’
    • ‘It would be pedantic to claim instead that inequality has disvalue.’