Meaning of dittohead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɪtəʊhɛd/


informal, derogatory US
  • An unquestioning supporter of an idea or opinion as expressed by a particular person, organization, etc.

    • ‘from your posts, it's obvious that you are a highly partisan dittohead unable to think for yourself’
    • ‘He is supposed to be allowed to brainwash his 20 million dittoheads daily without interference.’
    • ‘This was the kind of hysterical trash you would expect dittoheads to spout, not hugely influential intellectuals.’
    • ‘Actually, I can only think that the disturbances must produce a huge headache for the dittoheads.’
    • ‘I think you have to be brain dead, as all dittoheads are, to believe the propaganda from the right.’
    • ‘If there were any dittoheads in attendance, they remained quiet, being clearly outnumbered.’
    • ‘That doesn't mean I'm religious, that I'm homophobic, or that I'm a dittohead.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, touching this issue at all is toxic, since many assume you are some sort of dittohead for regarding it as a valid policy concern.’
    • ‘It must have been because he liked it so much: like I said, only in the mind of a dittohead.’
    • ‘Roger is presented as a babbling dittohead.’
    • ‘Go back to your dittohead hate radio and spare us your ignorant fascist tirades.’
    • ‘She was obviously a true-believing dittohead and really looked to him for wisdom.’


1990s from ditto and -head, with reference to fans of the US conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, who would often begin their calls to his programme with expressions based on the word 'ditto'.