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Pronunciation /dɪts/

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informal North American
  • A scatterbrained person.

    • ‘Now the woman probably thinks I'm a complete ditz.’
    • ‘I may sound like a ditz or a ten-year-old, but I don't care.’
    • ‘She had been staking out the place and fooled him into thinking she was a ditz.’
    • ‘It is unfortunate that you only lure dumbos and ditzes.’
    • ‘Now I know how all the ditzes Donovan dates feel on a daily basis.’
    • ‘I've never respected those ditzes who cried every time they broke up with their boyfriend, but now I'm becoming one of them too.’
    • ‘Only complete ditzes would be without a care in my situation.’
    • ‘I DJ for Jerry, so I occasionally bring in Natasha and her group of brainless ditzes.’
    • ‘I say this because two common ditzes were standing next to their lockers gossiping.’
    • ‘They are all ditzes and would cry if they broke a nail or had a bad hair day.’
    • ‘‘She's not a complete ditz, Emma,’ he said dryly.’
    • ‘I don't know, why do you hang out with the brain and the ditz?’
    • ‘‘You're very perceptive for a ditz,’ Jenny said, looking at Shell.’
    • ‘‘Yeah, uh-huh,’ Sam replied distractedly, reading more of the ditz's file.’
    • ‘But here, Walters is the stoic and Mirren is the ditz.’
    • ‘‘You're a ditz everyday,’ I joked as she got up slowly to get her guitar.’
    • ‘For once, she didn't sound like a complete ditz.’
    • ‘I'm cheerful and everyone says I'm a ditz, and a klutz.’
    • ‘Then you'd be a complete ditz and you would cancel out all hopes of making it into a decent college.’
    • ‘So, hopefully Tanya seems less of a ditz with this.’


1970s back-formation from ditzy.