Meaning of divemaster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌɪvmɑːstə/


  • A person who is in charge of an underwater diving expedition.

    ‘There is a fully-equipped dive school with a dive master on the island.’
    • ‘I had a few hand signals of my own for the divemaster which I wasted no time in utilising once I was in the water.’
    • ‘In a final desperate attempt to escape, the dive master began hitting the windows, trying to break them.’
    • ‘On my most recent trip, I asked our Japanese divemasters at East Marine why they chose to work in Langkawi.’
    • ‘He quickly called his mother, a certified dive master, to share what he saw.’
    • ‘Back on the boat George quizzed Toh, our divemaster, on what was in store for us in the coming days.’
    • ‘She asked our divemaster why there was no coral on the site.’
    • ‘With the right divemaster guidance, even amateur photographers can come back with great stuff.’
    • ‘This week commercial dive masters will descend to map out their programs.’
    • ‘All divemasters pride themselves on being able to find rare animals.’
    • ‘Head divemaster Osmond gave a short orientation, emphasizing that divers were responsible for their own profiles.’
    • ‘He is now a coach and dive master in the Cayman Islands.’
    • ‘Of course, the captain and some of the crew must be certified scuba instructors or divemasters, as well.’
    • ‘I was a bit nervous to start but I liked the way we were shown around by the divemaster.’
    • ‘I walked into the water off the beach, and my dive master helped me every moment.’
    • ‘I jumped into the water, and the divemaster handed me my camera system.’
    • ‘Last summer I was working as a divemaster in the Canary Islands.’
    • ‘Although most dives are divemaster led, divers in buddy pairs are free to go off on their own.’
    • ‘If a less than competent diver wanted to go off alone for photo purposes, a divemaster discreetly shadowed him.’
    • ‘They offer certifications from refresher to divemaster courses and specialty courses.’